Karrine Steffans aka Superhead Sex Tape: Watch Full Video

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Karrine Stefffans is one of the most popular celebrities who is known to be involved with several heavy weights in the hip-hop scene. She was formerly known as “Superhead” and proclaimed herself as “Video Vixen.” She has dated men who are also in the entertainment industry. Most of these men are hip-hop artists. Karrine Steffans sex tape has become extremely popular because of the fact that this involves popular and wealthy personalities.

This tape is not the only thing that has become popular in the entertainment industry. She also released a book that reveals all men she slept with. This tell-all book contains even the most private and intimate details of her relationship with some of the most popular hip-hop artists in the industry such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Ja Rule, Usher, Juelz Santana, Young Back, Pusha T, and Bobby Brown. Another factor that adds up to the tape popularity is the fact that this Video Vixen has also dated the NBA superstar Shaq.

Karrine Steffans is truly a daring celebrity that she even compared her sexual experience with every man she slept with. She even revealed the rapper whom she thinks has given her the most pleasurable experience. Jay-Z is one of the hip-hop heavy weights Karrine have dated. She described Jay-Z as a cautious and meticulous man when he deals with video girls and groupies. She also admitted that she could not stand to look at this hip-hop heavy weight when he is on top of her.

She also thinks that Lil Wayne is weird yet amazing. Karrine Steffans also revealed that she can even count on her hand the times that she had sex with this rapper. This is because she believes that her relationship with Lil Wayne is not based on sex only. Another hip-hop artist that Karrine had slept with is Ja Rule. She met this rapper in LA and she revealed that they had sex for 5 consecutive days after they met.

She also had a relationship with Usher and had slept with him for a few times. She thinks that Usher is disrespectful. She also revealed that she was not quite satisfied with Usher’s performance in bed. Steffans also slept with Juelz Santana. She thinks that this guy is quite good in bed and she is satisfied with his performance.

Shaq is also one of the many celebrities who had sex with the Video Vixen. Karrine Steffans find him generous when he gave her $10,000 on their first date. This celebrity slut was dismayed when she slept with Pusha T because of his bad breath. However, Karrine thinks that the best man she has ever slept with is Young Buck. She revealed that their sexual intercourse can last for more than an hour and it gets better every time.

Karrine tape can be considered as one of the most popular in the entertainment industry for adults. This is maybe because of the fact that she is a pro in porn. She just knows exactly what to do to give pleasure to the man she is having sex with. Karrine has shared tips that will help women in giving the best experience in bed with their partners.

The first tip teaches women to treat their man the same way they want to be treated. Karrine Steffans also thinks that women should also be open minded. This will help them in keeping men satisfied and can’t get enough of them. Women should also listen to their men in order to keep good communication.

Another essential advice is that women should be daring. This can create unexpected moments that will enhance the entire sexual experience. Above all, confidence is the most vital tip that Superhead shared to a lot of women. Confidence is the key in satisfying men. The tape has reached the top of fame because she is guided with the above pointers.

The porn video called Superhead is extremely popular among men who are into adult entertainment industry. This notorious video vixen likes to have sex with stars and celebrities. She has a body that is shaped perfectly that will definitely raise the heart rate of every man. Karrine does everything with passion and pleasure. She is equipped with a special vibe and sex skills that have helped her reach the popularity that she enjoys now. The sex tape has more than 20 videos that she did with famous hip-hop artists. It is definitely a must-have in every celebrity porn collection.

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