Vince Neil Sex Tape: Hardcore Sex Video Scandal

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Vince Neil sex tape

Vince Neil is the front man of the heavy metal band Motley Crue. He is popular among people who love the heavy riffs of metal music. However, there is another thing that makes him popular: the Vince Neil sex tape that was leaked in 1999. Vince’s partners in the sex tape include Brandy Ledford and Janine Lindemulder. They had a threesome sex and the girls had a lesbian sex, which they all enjoyed.

Vince’s tape was shot in Hawaii. At first, she was just having sex with Janine when Brandy joined the two of them in bed. Vince Neil and Janine Lindemulder were doing the missionary position when Brandy came in. Vince is sandwiched between the ladies. When Vince was done with Janine, she asked Brandy to stay between him and Janine. From that position, he was able to do Brandy from behind. A moment later, Janine grabbed a camera and taped whatever Vince and Brandy were doing.

After the sexual intercourse, Brandy gave Vince a blow job. They took a rest for a moment. After less than an hour, Vince decided to get the camera and filmed the two girls while they were having a lot of fun. Brandy held a vibrator and used it to give pleasure to Janine. Brandy also used her long fingers to please Janine. In just a short moment, Janine reached her orgasm and was extremely satisfied with the experience. That is how the tape ended.

This tape surfaced in 1999. However, there is not enough evidence that will show how the sextape was released. Allegedly, the Motley Crue lead vocalist himself is thought to be behind the surface of the tape. This is maybe because of the envy Vince feels on his band mate Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy gets all the girls and glory that time, so maybe Vince thought that he will get more exposure and publicity if he decided to release the sex tape. It was also the time when Tommy and Pamela tape surfaced. Brandy Ledford’s face was obscure in the footage that is why her name was not mentioned in the Vince’s tape title.

Neil’s sextape is contained in an original DVD that is full length, so you can say that it is somehow of decent quality. However, the face of Brandy Ledford is quite obscure. Even so, you will be able to find short clips of the footage in the internet, her face can be seen clearly. You will see in the footage that Vince and Janine were almost done when Brandy joined them. They did a threesome sex halfway through the sex video scandal. At the end of the tape, Janine and Brandy had a lesbian sex.

Vince Neil tape is only one of the many celebrity sex video scandals that somehow surprised the world of entertainment. There are still a lot of people who get involved in such a controversy. Some of these people are also famous and some may just be ordinary individuals. However, it does not matter whether or not you are famous as it can affect your life in one way or another.

The most essential thing to do is just to be careful with your actions and words. Another lesson that can be learned from this tape is that you should know how to deal with it properly in order to avoid embarrassment. But for them who are famous people, it is their way to get a lot of exposure and publicity. Things such as sex tapes may even help them get tremendous benefits as they belong in the industry of entertainment.

Nowadays, a lot of people are so familiar with sex tapes and video scandals. This is because of the fact that Internet access is available to almost anybody. Sex video footages such can now be found on many websites on the Internet. The free unlimited publicity causes things like that to reach a lot of Internet users even the young ones. That is why there should be a prohibition that limits that Internet usage of some individuals most especially the young ones.

Vince Neil sextape is not as bad as it seems to be. It somehow teaches a lot of Internet users to make use of this technology responsibly. It also teaches many individuals to think properly before doing some actions that may cause negative outcomes. However, people should also know that everyone has the right to enjoy and have fun for as long as they are not causing harm to anybody. It is also essential that you know how to deal with the crises that you may go through.

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